Trappist-1g exoplanet
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Data on Trappist-1g

Trappist-1g - 100 sq miles

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The biggest discovery of 2017, the Trappist-1 star system about 40 light years away is almost something out of science fiction, and also comes with a stunning three planets in the habitable zone! The second of these, Trappist-1g lay in the outer region of the habitable zone for the star system and has about the same gravity as earth. Considering the unique nature of Trappist-1, we expect the star system to get a lot of human visitation in the future.

An entire planet has a lot of real estate, so exoplanet claim deeds cover a wide range of tastes. Everything from nation building to just having your own private exo-ranch!

Since we know so little about the surface of exoplanets, it is impossible to estimate their wealth potential. All the riches and wealth ever found on earth no doubt can be found on any exoplanet, except these riches have never been touched by sentient hands. (Probably.)


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Image Credit: NASA / JPL / Caltech / IPAC / IRSA