A general FAQ has been drafted with likely questions, but as time goes on if any particular questions come up from our customers then we will update the FAQ with the answer.

1. Q: What, no refunds?

A: No refunds, all sales are final. It's not that we wish to be stubborn or have bad customer service. We see the purchase of a claim as a binding contract, and to take back claims and destroy them would be a basic violation of the process. There were no take backs in the Old West, a person was only as good as their word. Also, we control our overhead in operating the Registry by excluding this service. Please think carefully before purchasing. 

2. Q: Just what does a claim give me exactly?

A: A claim gives you a public declaration of possession with intent to capitalize. How you go about doing that is your business alone. Just as the WSMCR absolves itself from any and all profit from a given claim, the WSMCR is also not liable for any actions taken on the part of the purchaser in the pursuit of their claim.

3. Q: The claim says "Novelty item or gift." Doesn't that mean its fake?

A: Unfortunately, when running a business one must always be careful of avenues for spurious lawsuits. Inclusion of this phrase is a strategy to mitigate that. The core rights as outlined in the Space Act speak for themselves. There can be no denying though: a genuine space mining claim is quite the novel item, and would indeed make a fine gift!

4. Q: You use a lot of NASA images, can you do that? 

A: We are very fortunate that NASA has an open policy on the use of its images so long as proper reference is made to NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In fact unless otherwise noted, all images used in this site and in social media were made by NASA / JPL.

5. Q: How do I know the location of a claim?

A: The exact location of your claim is in fact up to you. In this case Old West rules apply, meaning the first to arrive at a space resource gets the first right to place their claim as limited by the total size. For many asteroids of irregular shape, surface area can be tricky to determine, but to compensate the WSMCR always sells short the surface area of a given asteroid to allow for ample 'wiggle room,' during placement. By the time this becomes a reality, no doubt rules of conduct will be ironed out by all interested parties.

6. Q: Why do I need the WSMCR to make a claim?

A: The WSMCR is one of two entities which seek to organize the upcoming race to space resources. Recently the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has provided a pathway for European claimants, and seeks to empower national and corporate interests in this respect.

The WSMCR see's itself as a bastion to maintaining the collective right of the people, as outlined under the US law on space resources: the Space Act. The right to space resources for everyone in the world in fact, for by collective effort will we have our best chance at really attaining our lofty goals. By establishing a public registry of claims, we establish legitimacy with presence and time, just as was seen during the birth of the United States and the intrepid claims of settlers, and as seen during the California Gold Rush. It's important to take the long view with space resource claims, but with anecdotes from the past that serve as the only known example of similar situations. 

7. Q: Is the WSMCR affiliated with any government agency?

A: The WSMCR is not affiliated with any government or agency, and is a fully independent organization in the United States.