The Asterank Selection Portal

Asterank is a cutting edge data collation and 3d visualization tool for the hundreds of thousands of known asteroids in the main belt of our solar system, developed by prodigy programmer Ian Webster. Asterank is constantly loaded with the latest asteroid discovery data as curated by JPL and other institutions. It uses data on mass and spectral composition to create an estimated value of the whole asteroid. Though the WSMCR has already listed for claim some of the most promising asteroids available, feel free to search for the best asteroids to meet your needs using Asterank. If you find a novel asteroid, simply contact us at WSMCR2017@GMAIL.COM and we will establish a new claim product for that asteroid. 


Use your cursor to rotate the 3d representation of the Main Belt, and the query functions to explore your more than 600,000 options. Please note that the Asterank portal is best viewed using Chrome and Firefox on a tablet or PC due to the complexity of the software. Asterank is hosted at