WSMCR & Space Mining - Our Purpose

It's been a few weeks now since opening our doors and we're floored by the attention thus far! Each day we learn new lessons on getting the word out, and are learning a lot about people's perceptions and aspirations. We're also developing ourselves. In this blog post we wanted to explain and define our vision of what the WSMCR is all about. 

When it comes to the development of space mining, in the near term it will have to be conducted by national or corporate interests with substantial backing. In overcoming the hurtle of propelling space mining technologies, these corporate or national entities will reap the early vast rewards for doing so. Eventually however, we believe these technologies will be simplified and economized to the point of personal accessibility.

We can imagine a time in the future where the ability to mine asteroids for precious elements will be a profession in itself, much like the California Gold Rush prospectors. Just as it was then, in the future we feel it likely that this endless mineral rush will be conducted by government credentialed mining businesses and even individual miner basis. We've heard some objection to the idea of individual space mining, but the sheer vastness of the availability provides few limitations on participation. Robotics and at site synthesis will no doubt form much of the drive to the space resources, and will also help enable just about anyone to participate.

That brings us to today. There is wide consensus that there is a rising problem with income disparity across the globe, which contributes to many problems. The specter of redistribution is raised at times when solutions are proposed, but the promise of space mining offers a unique and constructive opportunity to rather distribute the potential wealth of this new field. If we assert individual right to claim and utilize space resources, we can make sure that everyone has a fair chance at participating in the upcoming space mining rare earth element bonanza. There is so much out there in our solar system alone, why not share this wealth? Frankly, we believe it will have to be so.

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