Space Claims in the Time of Covid19

Hello dear space resource claimants!

It has been a while since we last updated the community on the goings on with the WSMCR and the progress of space mining. At the beginning of last year we debated the extent to which we as a team wanted to promote and work on the WSMCR and its outreach program for the year, considering the restrictions in place in the United States for stopping the spread of the Covid19 disease. We decided that it would be in the best interests for the survival of WSMCR if we maintained a low profile and kept our expenses to an absolute minimum. Despite this, we still continued to process and secure any claims which came in for 2020.

With this new year, and charged up with the incredible progress seen for space mining in 2020 alone, we are happy to say we are now in a position to more actively promote the WSMCR and spread the word on what we are trying to accomplish, for this new year of 2021! And what a year it will be, because a stunning number of new space related projects will be started or come to fruition. Really a fan for space related excitement is spoiled for choice right now! Come back soon for blog posts reviewing 2020 and looking forward to 2021. 

These are hard days for all of us. So many across the world know a loved one or friend who has passed away or gotten gravely ill from this coronavirus, and the necessary restrictions in place have been very hard for large segments of the economy and society. Keep the faith, stay strong. We will all get through this with compassion and understanding, and cooperation with medical science, just as we have done many times before. Regard for the past, with vision for the future: that's the WSMCR way!



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