Progress in 2017 for Space Mining

Welcome back fellow space miners, mineralists, rocket scientists, robotic specialists and optimists of every stripe. It has been an amazing year here at the WSMCR. While we have not been able to do the web page as much justice as we would like (especially blog posts!), our public outreach efforts and advertising has been more successful than even hoped. It really seems there are a LOT of people out there ready and willing to take a chance on space resource speculation.

Our outreach efforts have shown responders to be split into three groups when posed with the idea of the WSMCR. About 1/3 believe it's all a scam, 1/3 are cautiously optimistic and 1/3 very optimistic and willing to consider making a space resource claim. Because of the novelty of this idea, the amount of distrust is understandable, and so we will redouble our efforts to make our case to the world that the WSMCR is the world's first and only safekeeping database of space resource claims, and that people have the legal right to make them as codified in the SPACE Act.

In 2018 we look to ever expand the web site to provide in depth information on the nature of space mining, asteroids and exoplanets, and the technology that will link them. By doing so we hope to inform the public so that they can make the best decisions on their claims, and know just how soon we are to a mineral boom that will be so large it will redefine life on earth. 

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