Custom Claims and Trappist-1

We're a little late on the big news discovery of 2017 in the realm of exoplanets: the stunning Trappist-1 system. If you have not yet heard the buzz, Trappist-1 is a nearby star system loaded with 7 detectable planets clustered close to their sun, with a lucky total of three within the habitable zone of the sun's orbit. Furthermore, the system is older than our own, possibly increasing the chances for life. A star system like this is sure to see humans, if only to study such a crowded system compared to our own. Be sure to check our news and exoplanet section to learn more about what we know of this system. We now offer claim deeds for the Trappist-1 e, f and g planets in the habitable zone.

Recently we have had an intrepid space resource claimer request a celestial body not currently on our list of options, and we duly created one to suit their interests. We thought this was such a good idea, we felt it worth mentioning to the community at large that this is an option to everyone. In fact we'll try to build in a special request page so that this can be done. In general our only requirement is that the object be identified either in a scientific journal or the JPL database. Pricing options will be the same as other already established claims, and the number of claim units available dictated as before by the size of the celestial body in question.


  • Fulvio thank you for your comment. Admittedly exoplanet claims are more aspiration based and may take some time before mankind can realize their potential. Then again, people are talking already about missions to Proxima centauri b with micro satellites – with some technological development of this approach, we could touch an exoplanet with a probe in our lifetime!

  • What you sell are deeds for real planets and asteroids or romantic gifts… Anyway what can I do when I claim a planet?

    Fulvio Spagnoli
  • Hi Sandy! Not sure what you are asking about specifically, but if you mean space mining in general, I would visit our links section for quite a few companies and nations who are building towards having the capacity. In particular Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources are world leaders in the commercial sector.

  • Is this for real? If so direct me to another site talking about all the spec about it.

    Sandy DeVine

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