Chinese Rare Earth Element Trade War

You have no doubt by now heard the news that China has threatened to use its supply of rare earth minerals and elements in it's ongoing trade war with the United States. At the time of the writing of this blog post, it has not yet been engaged: Forbes Reuters

While this is bad news for much of the economy, it is great news for space mining. The supply of rare earth elements has always been strained, but with China signalling its willingness to restrict access to its supply, it has permanently put a question mark over it.

Therefore the world's economic interests will be interested in securing new sources of rare earth elements, and what better source than their origin: asteroids! This unexpected turn of events could prove to be new fuel in the rockets of asteroid mining development. This new impulse can be used to inspire new research and funding into technologies related to space mining, and thus inch us closer to reality faster than ever!

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